1. Kenzilla

    OP Kenzilla Newbie

    Feb 21, 2020
    United States
    So, I've always been interested to learn how hacked Pokemon come to be. Especially now that, through Pokemon Home, I was traded a perfect shiny Ho-Oh (a shiny Ho-Oh being a Pokemon I've always wanted just to own). So I looked into hacked Pokemon and how to make them and I've read through several tutorials to learn the gist of how to use PKHeX once in the program.

    What I want to learn is how to create legal/legit Pokemon, get them onto my copy of Ultra Sun and then trade them into Pokemon Home. I never do any kind of online battling or illegitimate trading, so it's not like I have any malicious intent. I just would like to make some of the Pokemon I've always wanted but never had any luck in obtaining.

    Does anyone have a walkthrough that goes over it step by step? Or if I could chat with someone about it to learn? I really appreciate any and all help with my new exploration into the lesser-known (to me at least) side of Pokemon.

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