help with isos to wii

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  1. stugee

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    Nov 18, 2008
    awrite peepo was needin sum help on burning isos to disk then playing them on my wii im a noob to all this & would b greatfull 4 the help cheers
  2. EmperorOfCanada

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    Aug 4, 2008
    Step one. Write in full sentances with as close to you can achieve actual English and I will help you, maybe.

    Step two. Detail everything you want to do. What you have done already (if anything) and how much you know.
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    Step 1 burn the ISO: Use a blank DVD, put it on your DVD-Burn tray, press burn on your software with the game in, that you want to burn.
    Step 2 playing the games: Insert the DVD (already burned) into the Disc Slot of your Wii, if you have a ModChip (physical) you can press start in the Disc Channel, if not click here------> BUL0.3 Gamma