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Jun 21, 2016
Heya, I'm working on a very specific project that i can't get into details, That requires me to get clean footage of various specific in game battle animations From Fire Emblem Awakening and Fire Emblem Fates on Citra ,like i need a way to orchestrate fights to get footage of all the Tome and weapon animations and footage of the characters fighting off enemies with some of these specific weapons, I was hopping there might just be a way to mod in custom Street Pass data with teams i design to do it but i have no clue how i would go about doing that i'm not much of a Modder and don't know how to do that so i tried looking into the Paragon Fire Emblem modding program to see if it could do what i needed but i can't even get started properly and there's only like 1 tutorial online and it doesn't have answers to what i'm doing wrong and i don't even know if Paragon is going to do what i need to if i can get it working, Any help or info with this would be greatly appreciated


Oct 9, 2021
I have been using Paragon for a while and I think I can help with that.
I don't know if you can make custom Street Pass teams but what we can do is a custom map using a pre-existing one as template.
I'm going to be doing this for Fire Emblem Fates btw, it will probably be similar for Awakening.

EDIT: So after writing for like an hour I remembered there's a great tutorial on gamebanana by Moonling:
I'll keep part of my explanation but, to avoid confusion, most of whatever Moonling covers I won't.

First you start a new project. Choose any name, the language you'll be using (the changes on text will only apply when playing in that language), the game (FE14 is Fates, FE13 is Awakening) and both the directory where your extracted ROM is and the one where the changes will be saved.

Once we open our project and in the main menu, we will enter the "Chapters" submenu to make our custom map.

Here's the chapter menu. All chapters have a Chapter ID (CID_) followed by a letter: A for Birthright, B for Conq, C for Rev, X for paralogues and M for hero battles.


(EDIT: I kept part of this section because even though Moonling covers it they use an older version of Paragon, so part of the hud is outdated)

Now that we heave our test chapter it's time to modify the actual map.


As you can see, every character has a team they belong to, a PID which identifies which character they are, and their current equipment, among other things.

As you can see, changing the PID of a character to a different one changes the character, in this case I changed Beruka's PID to Leo's. You can see the PID of each character by going to the "Characters" submenu in the main menu of our project. Most of the time it's just their Japanese name.
We also have Spawn Flags, which determine if the character will appear in Normal/Hard/Lunatic, if the unit can be recruited, etc.
There are more enemies on the list than on the field since they change depending of difficulty.


You can change the terrain with the "Terrain Mode". Be aware that changing the terrain will affect the terrain you play in but not the 3D model of the map.


In the "Chapter Characters" you have the non-player characters that will be participating in the chapter. You can add more or change them if needed.

Once you understand how to make custom chapters you can make one with the purpose of showing those specific weapons. Here's an idea:


As you can see, the Paladins are trapped with water to force them to fight the character that is with them. Also he can be equiped with any Lance/Sword you want to record, in this case he has a stick. You can do the same for the allied character so you don't have to spend time acquiring the desired weapon in-game.

I hope this solves your problem.


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