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    I just received my Gateway in the mail, ordered from eachmall. In the package there were the two cards without stickers, an unused red sticker, and an unfolded box. No instructions or other material was provided.

    From the pdf instructions included in the 3.0 package, it seems like the blue card is the one with black plastic and that one is no longer needed? Is it safe to follow this guide, with no prior setup, files, or modifications made to my 3DS, GW red card, or 3DS SD card?

    Also, is the emuNAND only for accessing the eShop? What is the purpose of backing up the sysNAND and implementing the emuNAND?
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    The guide should be fine, though as far as N3DS and downgrading to 4.5 go, I don't think Gateway released the remaining files to achieve either of those.

    The guide doesn't mention this, but the exploit wasn't consistent for me until I completely deleted the save data in the web browser settings. I also loaded the webpage while my WiFi switch was off and then powered off, so now all I have to do is boot up, open the browser, and wait for the exploit to work. (Optionally holding L to reach the Gateway menu)

    emuNAND is useful for accessing the eShop, which is great if you need to update a game. However, it also adds any features/fixes Nintendo adds in firmwares higher than the one you're currently on, as well as enable games that won't let you play them until you update.

    As far as backing up SysNAND goes, every person's console has a unique "key" that is tied to their SysNAND. In the event of a brick or accidental official firmware (OFW) update, you can use your backed up SysNAND to unbrick your 3DS. If you relied on someone else's dump, it wouldn't work, because their key doesn't match with your unique 3DS key. Currently, the only way to restore SysNAND is by opening your 3DS and doing some soldering fun with it.
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