help re friends bricked psp

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    Nov 29, 2008
    sorry, any suggestions appreciated and sorry if this has been covered elsewhere...Ive cracked a few psp both using chickHEN and using a magic battery, and never had a problem so havent read up on what problems can happen or how to fix them.

    friend who hasnt got a lot of money has bought a second hand PSP 2004 for her son, she told him to wait till i had a look at it and cracked it for him, but he went ahead and did it himself, and she's just phoned to say its bricked.

    Havent seen it yet but from what she and her son told me on the phone....

    20004 psp, successfully chickHEN and installed m33 cfw, played some games and it crashed. Now will only show green light when turned on, cant access recovery menu or anything.

    what might he have done wrong and can it be fixed?

    EDIT: ive got the psp in my hands and im really confused now, trying everything randomly to get it to work, including pandora batter with magic memory stick, wasnt paying attention to what i was doing and all of a sudden it was on, it came up with a recovery menu, i quit it. all fine. it wouldnt access the memory card though, tried different memory cards, wouldnt work, reset it, back to black screen and i dont honestly know what was in it when i got it working. at least i know its not dead dead...
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    Jul 14, 2008
    Sounds more like hardware issues or a loose connection really...