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    Hi its been a while since I played with my hacked wii. I had a 4.2u version wii that had homebrew and everything setup. Then I tried to play it and it was being weird so i updated the wii to 4.3u to redo hack. I was able to get homebrew on it but i forgot to install bootmi. I tried to go back and get it but was unsuccessful. So then I went on youtube and followed guides to add usb loader gx and other apps for emulation. But this is my current issue. I wanted to play gamecube isos. Either through burned discs and or usb ( external harddrive) and i am unable to do so. I tried using wad manager and installing mios 2.10 and the rev wad through ios236. Im kinda lost Ive tried to use mios lite and wii gator . I honestly at this point want to just delete everything and redo the hack and get bootmi and go from there. All i care about is playing all of the nintendo games such as n64 roms, gamecube isos, and wii isos. If anyone has a suggestion for a way I can basically have a clean slate and redo it and follow one proper guide that would be great. I also have the old white wii. I read that newer models cant read burned games. Thanks
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    Youtube tutorials are, more often than not, only a source of bricks, semi-bricks and other problems. Follow them with caution and always look for a second opinion or compare them with other tutorials.

    Post a SysCheck. Knowing life, all you need to do is update your cIOS'es, install a cMIOS and then install DIOS MIOS over it to load GC games from SD/USB, but post a SysCheck anyways just to allow others to see your IOS setup.