Help Please! Wacom Intuos don't work...

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    Nov 2, 2012
    Here's the thing.. I hawe Windows 7 operating system, but my Wacom Intuos GD-0608-R Serial port
    graphical Tablet wont work on Win7 (but it works on Windows XP)
    But because i don't have Serial port on my PC, i use This exact Serial to USB adapter (RS232) to connect tablet to pc, and i downloaded these Drivers for Tablet (just select "Windows XP" under "operating system" and under "product" let it be "please select..." option) and find these Drivers "pc478-6-X_en.exe" (use CTRL+F search function to find it faster)
    And those are the drivers i downloaded and installed.

    Ok, so... Because i said that i use Windows 7 and This (serial) Wacom tablet drivers does not support Windows 7 operating system. So i came to idea to use Virtual Windows XP that i installed on my Windows 7 system... i used this for Virtual Machine emulator.. and it's doing Pretty Good, a real XP :)

    So, i did everything. I installed Serial to USB adapter drivers on XP, installed drivers for tablet (all worked fine) but the tablet does not function! :(

    What did i do wrong??

    The tablet worked just fine on my real XP
    and also, when i go to Control panel and click on Wacom Tablet it said:

    "Tablet version mismatch
    please reinstall the tablet software