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I backed up my Ruby save file to transfer the Eon Ticket to it using NO$GBA.
The problem is, once backed up to the actual cartridge the time is messed up and days don't pass anymore.

When I look at the save file using an emulator, time is fine and all, it's glitched up on my retail cart only.

Is there any way I could fix that?
I could trade my important Pokémon to another game and restart, but I would have to do everything all over, which bothers me...

Edit: Figured out the problem. The only way I can fix it is by restarting the save file...
So I downloaded a completed save file of FireRed on GameFAQs and transfered it to my FireRed, so I could have a place to hold my important Pokémon from Ruby.


... Anyone who cared to read my post and can help?

I don't need help right now, since I decided to restart my Ruby game, but it would be helpful for anyone who intends on backing up and restoring saves from this game.
Would be helpful if I want to backup and restore save files later, too.

Meanwhile, if I want to trade with my LeafGreen and Sapphire games, I can just write them to NOR and trade with the link cable or dump my FireRed save file.
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