[Help] Installing Luma3ds & A9LH

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    Well...I kinda messed up the my 3ds while downgrading with the time machine from gateway to install the A9LH. Error occured during the downgrading process. However, the 3ds still boots normally and now the firmware version is 2.1.0-4U. I would like to install Luma3ds & A9LH. I have read the wiki and the guide by Plailect, I am still confused about what I should do first as now my firmware is 2.1.0-4U.

    I think I have set up my emunand since I am using gateway but as mentioned above because the downgrading messed up the sysnand, now the firmware is 2.1.0-4U and I am not sure if the emunand still exists or is still there? Cuz the browser exploit is not working anymore. Anyway, let's get back to topic. Since I am on 2.1.0-4U, shall I follow the Part 2 (Part 2 - 2.1.0) of the guide first like flashing my console's CTRNAND partition to 2.1.0 or just go straight to Part 3 Part 3 - A9LH?