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    Apr 5, 2020
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    HI ive been trying to configure my wII for over two weeks now and i feel ike ive learned quite a bit but theres still quite a bit i just cant grasp. Ive elected to use Wii Flow as my primary channel. So from what ive been taught so far in order to set the correct paths in order for Wii flow to operate correctly you must for each emulator go into Wiiflow/Plugins and open the files Configuration settings (.ini) with note pad and this is how you set rom paths paths for art work ect i get this.
    What i dont get and ive lost sleep and years off my life looking for is for like a master list. What i mean is most of these are fairly simple wiimednafen_nes is NES wii2600 is Atari 2600 but there are those im stuck trying to figure out like Gamecube,N64 and a few more.
    And as many hours as ive spent looking im just suprized that there seams to be like no master lists floating around and lists every emulator on wii flow along with the corresponding (ini). I mean maybe i got some bad advice but the person who was teaching me how to set up wii flow instrusted me again in order to get wii flow operating correctly that you had to maually open each emulators ini and set the paths to art work roms ect. I just dont see how you do this how anyone does this if its not clear whta system each ini matches up to. Thanks in advance for any help.
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    May 26, 2020
    I think you mean Abz MasterPiece mod for wiiflow with all plugins.

    I have the links, but I am fairly new so i will send them in a text file. I had this, and it automatically recognized Not64 Snes9xGX and fceuxgx. Here it is.

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