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    I'm building a quadcopter, (I have no experience), and I need to buy 4 motors, two will go clockwise, and two will go anticlockwise, they will need to be able to go different speeds. Ebay found this for me:


    With is good, but it's a tad expensive. I don't even know if I'm going to be able to get this thing to work, so I don't want to spend much money on it.

    So I searched 'handheld fan', knowing that they are mass produced and would be cheaper; I found these:


    Buying 4 of these would be 3x less the price, and would include batteries (which I could use for other things, I know a quadcopter would need a lipo battery).

    So I have to ask, would the motors in the handheld fans be able to go either direction? And would they be able to go at different speeds? I assume applying a different voltage would change the speed, and swapping the polarity would swap the direction, but as I say, I have no experience and am unsure.

    So could someone shed some light on how to get some dirt cheap motors which would be suitable for quadcopters?
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    I stopped reading the post after this word and declared it a troll thread.
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    TYPICALLY every handheld fan i've bought has been able to go both ways, however those seem to only have an on/off switch. Not sure what you're going to do with them but if you just rip out the motor and fan i'd assume it wouldn't be hard to make two go the other way.
    Variable speed for something so cheap is extremely doubtful, but again, that can be added in if you just plan to rip them apart for parts.

    Also something that cheap will be so weak I doubt you'll be able to do much of anything with them.

    It may be way cheaper but the first thing is for an actual quadcopter. Meaning they're probably immensely more reliable.
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    And here I go thinking i was entering a thread about my motor, since i'm a handheld fan... :blink:
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