hacking Pokemon Art Academy?

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    Quick Question; Is it theoretically possible to hack out Pokemon Art Academy 3DS' annoying habit of adding a watermark to the bottom right corner of anything I paint? This feature wasn't in the original Art Academy so I'm baffled as to why they added it here. It ruins anything I try to paint seriously. There's no option to disable it in game and the chances of Nintendo actually listening to my suggestion for a patch which would remove their essentially free advertising sit at around zero percent, so I'm forced to turn to hacking because it's getting on my wick. Is there some sort of code I could use to disable the feature, or do I need to hack my system and then the ROM on some manner of flash card like the good old days of the DS Lite?
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    probably with rom hacking
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    They do it so you can't pass off the work as your own (even if it is) I'm sure if you extracted the decrypted Rom, you could find the image they use as a watermark and replace it with a completely transparent one. That's assuming the image isn't in a weird proprietary format stuffed inside some weird proprietary compression archive (which it most likely is).
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    Gonna have to live with it for awhile if not forever, sounds like an undertaking not exactly worth it to most.

    Of course, feel free to read up on decrypting RomFS and give it a few tries ;)