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    Hi everyone, I am sorry if this question has been answered countless times. I did search the boards the net but the information about this that I have received are contridictory or vague. Here is my question...

    I just installed the gravity rush exploit on my vita and everthing went great. I am now wondering how to get homebrew, emulators and iso's to work on my vita. I have open cma 5 installed. I assume that you need to use cma to get more content on your psvita but I am at a loss as to where I need to put my homebrew files in my pc for the ps vita to find it and install it. Can someone provide me with a step by step guide to do this.

    Thansk so much!
  2. DarkShinigami

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    wrong game bra

    if i recall the last exploit was from a game called gravity crush
  3. Qtis

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    I'd recommend waiting for the new 2.01 exploit. As you're using Open CMA 5, I presume you're on FW 2.00+. Thus the previous exploits can't be used. Also DarkShinigami said, it's a PSP game called Gravity Crash.

    Best bet is to check wololo.net for more details.