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Here is a port of GrafX2 the famous pixel art paint editor that we all love.

Things that is not implemented on Switch:
- No Lua scripting
- No Tiff support
Touch control is not implemented, there is a place in the grafx2 source code that is ready for that, so it may come later :)

latest switch build :

As usual, unzip, copy the "switch" directory to the root of your sdcard, enjoy.

All credits to the original authors of this program.

The original project is on gitlab:
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Oct 25, 2016
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so far, i really enjoy this, but there are a few bugs.
-When using the joystick, the cursor will randomly jump to the other end of the screen, making it difficult to control. I don't have this problem with the directional buttons, though, and it is possible the mouse doesn't have this problem, but i can't test it right now. (EDIT: It seems that the direction it resets to is tied to the direction it's pointed; if i move the cursor left it will reset to the right side of the screen.)
-On the virtual keyboard, a grey line will obscure some of the ui, the location of which depends on the box you open it in; for example in the canvas text input, it is in an area that doesn't block the letters from view, but when you open the save as dialog, the line blocks the lower right section of letters.
Other than that, I am glad to have a more robust drawing homebrew available, and i will let you know if any other bugs pop up.
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Hello @Missciera

The repo is actually obsolete, I migrated to gitlab where the visual glitch of the keyboard is fixed, and we are working to bring a better joystick support to the app (it's still in WIP).
You can still download the last version here https://gitlab.com/graillot.romain/grafX2/pipelines (you can find the switch version, there is a download button on the right of each line).

Thanks you and if you find other issue don't hesitate to report them.
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