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    I was looking into buying a wireless adapter, but I don't know which ones are good. I was thinking of a PCI one, but if USB ones or something are better, let me know. It would be great if if was 802.11n compatible.
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    USB or PCI: PCI/PCMCIA every time unless you foresee swapping the thing around. USB ones are generally a bit flaky for my liking and I have had serious driver issues on multiple occasions (I do not mind hacking a driver to do something special but to get it working in the first place....).

    802.11n has not even been ratified yet (everything you see will be draft spec) so I can not suggest going that route. Granted it is not especially likely things will be changed but that is not enough for me (these cards will usually be used for many years).

    Secondly I suggest going around the linux forums and finding something that works there, even if you do not plan on using linux/similar then it generally means it is a good card if they suggest it and

    Lastly the fact you made this suggests the cheap and cheerful route is not one you want to go down, this would be the next bit of advice.

    Also are you interested in wifime stuff for the DS (redundant now but they can be made into an access point).

    I suggest you avoid belkin too, if they work then great but I have had major issues with their stuff.