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    I didnt really know where to post this but since its about connecting computers to the internet I thought this was a good place

    My (future ex)missus is about to move back to Australia and she needs internet.

    Shes moving to rural Victoria and the only ones I know there are Bigpond and Optus and I dont want either.

    Im looking for a cheap ADSL or Cable connection like 30 or 40 bucks. Preferably naked (standalone, bare or whatever you wanna call it) but if it needs a phone line sure why not.

    Also does anyone know if and/or when the Australian government is starting to roll out this hyperspeedfibre theyve been talking about?

    Cheers for the help
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    you should check the whirlpool forum, they have a lot of this thing , they even have a connection option list based on where you live your criteria