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    Jun 11, 2013
    So guys, don't know if you know about GoG Galaxy, but it is basically a platform that allow to unify all games (from Steam, Origin, Epic, Uplay etc...), friends, achievements into a single place so you don't have to care about all those different launchers anymore.
    It is open source to community extension, so there are quite a bit of those that allow to also integrate many emulators, here's a screen from my 3ds collection in it:

    The extension in question that adds Citra support is this one: https://github.com/j-selby/galaxy-integration-citra
    It's nice the game go into your main library along with Steam and everybody else, but seems kind of an unrefined extension in the fact not all of my games get recognized (those 4 "Unknown") and those who are, even if you click Play they won't launch the emulator and the game.

    So I am bringing this up in the hope someone of you with some coding knowledge could take a look at it (I think the creator kind of abandoned the extension) and continue from where he left :)
    If you know how, you can make it so we can all have this single hub with all the games from all of our emulators/platforms visible and playable with just 1 click, and I and many other would be very grateful for this :P
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