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    Mar 17, 2010
    Hi all, i was browsing ye olde reddit a little while ago, and i came across a link to a written guide that explains how to force downgrade an iphone 4 from ios 7.x.x to ios 6.x.x without shsh blobs. The comments tend to range from "it worked flawlessly" to "My phone can't lock and enters dfu mode every 5 minutes".

    So, i was wondering if anybody here has tried this method and can verify if it works or not. I'm not going to link to the reddit thread or the written guide, as both provide links to things such as modified versions of ios, and i don't want to break any guidelines.

    If you google something along the lines of "Geekgrade downgrade" though, it should be the first on the list.

    Any and all clarification is well appreciated.


    Edit: IT WORKED!!! My original model iphone 4 is now on ios 6.1.2! To any of you who want to try this, there's a video on the youtubes that explains in great detail how to do this. A simple google search will provide. (again, i wont provide links since i don't want to break any rules)

    Edit 2: I would not recommend this method, as it uses an invalid blob that can prevent the phone from leaving sleep mode. Only do this if you're looking to prove a point, or to port something over to ios 7.
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