Gba emu help :(

Discussion in 'iPhone, iPod & iPad' started by ShineroDark, Feb 9, 2011.

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    Ok so I got the gpsphone emu thing from sinful and when I try to load a game it sits there for awhile then goes back to my springboard. I didn't know if it was that I didn't put a bios so I tried to get the one from 4pp13 but when I try to install it's gives me an error code that it's forbidden. Can someone give me a repo for cydia that has a bios or a different emulator. Idk if I'm allowed to ask that here and I'm sorry if I'm not.
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    Pretty sure you can't ask for the BIOS, just google it.
    Also, what iPod touch is that?
    What firmware?
    You sure your roms are not corrupt?

    Manually install bios:
    SSH into your device (if you don't know, google it, not sure if it's in the almighty super guide here)
    Go to: /private/var/root/Media/ROMs
    Place your bios there.

    Good luck.
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    Also don't mention the illegal repos here and there is an ssh guide in the big guide