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Jan 28, 2017
United States
ok so im really new to homebrew but i have a 3ds & a 2ds both on 11.2 using soundhax as a homebrew entry point Ive tried save manager, jksm, & pksm and cant get any of them to work. i get into homebrew go to the save manager select the game import the file make changes in pkhex and import it back. everything goes fine until i get to the game and nothings changed this happens with both save manager and jksm. As for pksm i pasted the pksm file into my 3ds folder launched homebrew went into pksm selected my game pokemon moon, (cartridge) and it says game not found im using the d pad to select the games in the 3ds but its not finding it. I tried this as a alternative to pkhex since neither save manager nor jksm would import my files back into the game after i edited them i tried this in both consoles with both sun and moon i even tried omega ruby and pokemon x and nothing everything seems like it works fine the game save comes up in the save manager so i know its recognizing the game at some point since the import works but the game is never edited when i go back to it. be great if someone, anybody could help me out or tell me what im doing wrong im just trynna have a custom team for the playthrough
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