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Discussion in 'Computer Games and General Discussion' started by 3DPiper, Dec 5, 2016.

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    My son wants a gaming notebook for Christmas. He currently plays Destiny and Overwatch (and some Terraria) on Xbox One. Will this be a smooth transition? I know I can get Overwatch for PC, but I read where the skill level is much higher. He already struggles to keep up (is everyone using a keyboard/mouse with Xbox One? How are they so dang accurate?), unless he finds other games to play (thank you "The 50 Best Freeware Games" sticky thread!) I worry this will be an expensive dusty paperweight. He does stream Xbox One to his current ultrabook (a small 11" one), so I know he will take advantage of that. I'm hoping for more 'play anywhere' games.
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    This can easily be a smooth transition. First you should know that you are able to use most Xbox controllers on a PC, so if he's playing games that are more comfortable with a controller then he has that option. Second you need to know about Steam Sales (there should be another sale coming up around Christmas) where you can pick up excellent games for 40-80% off the normal price, filling out his library well.
    The keyboard and mouse is a lot of what makes the skill level on PC 3D shooters higher. Rather than leaving him behind, this could actually bring him more up to par with the other players.
    I'd recommend looking into some PC exclusive games to give him a reason to stick with the PC rather than trying to constantly compare it to his console experiences. My current favorite is called Subnautica.
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    Yeah, agreed with Vulpes. There are also far more games and a greater varieties of games. They'll generally be more affordable, too. There are plenty of competitive shooters and not all of them are hyper competitive, or at least are able to be played casually. Team Fortress 2 is a prime example of this and can be played for free. If he likes Terraria, there are many games like it as well. I'd use Steam as a primary resource for finding new games, as you can search for related games to ones he already likes. It's also worth looking into free flash-based games on sites like Kongregate.
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