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  1. DeathSoul

    DeathSoul Newbie

    Aug 16, 2009
    Hello users og GBAtemp.
    You have probably had your share of the Flatmii users whom have had alot of problems with their Wii with FlatMii and i did have a search around to see if i could find any solution around here (also on other sites). But i havent had any luck so far :/ So im trying here to see if maby someone have found anything out.

    Anyhow down to my problem.

    Im located in norway, with an EU Wii (ofc). I orderd my Wii from a guy whom runs his own "company" that sells console's pre-modded. So this guy is a proffesional no doubt about it (seeing i have a 1 year warranty with my Wii when i got it pre-modded with FlatMii).

    So if there are no solutions for me i can just send it back and get my money back (already talked to the guy and he have agreed on it if i dont find any solution at all).

    Anyhow when i first got my Wii (i had a friend of mine whom ordered from the same place with the same chip and everything), he went trought with me how to set everything up.

    At first my Wii wouldnt play any games at all that i loaded trough the FlatMii 1.1 software (When loading the game my Wii responded with a black screen and told me "An error has occured, press the eject button and turn of your Wii".

    After a few days of reading around on google and on alot of other forums. I found a few tricks to try out (i was happy for a few moments cause every game i had would succesfully load and show in the "Disc Channel", also it would let me play the games.

    But (oh crap, there's always a but) after playing for around 5 - 10 minutes the sound dissaper (on whatever game i play) then it freezed and comes with a black screen (oh guess what the message is, yes you guessed right "An error has occured, press the eject button and turn of your Wii".)

    So basicly, ive tried tons of games (both pal/us) and also from diffrent release groups (also the scrubbed releases) of both Wii and GC games. Every game i play, after 5 - 10minutes it's the same problem.

    Though i got the Wii sports (original) on CD with the Wii when i ordered it, and it plays perfectly (so there's no issues with the Wii or the cd-rom im guessing).

    So here's what ive tried;

    Changing the USB cable that connects from the PC to the Wii (also diffrent USB ports). Ive tried both 1.1 USB cabel and 3 diffrent 2.0 High Speed USB cables (and yes my computer supports high speed usb). And as mentioned ive tested serveral diffrent games / diffrent releases and so on.
    Ive also tested the FlatMii125 software (dosent work for me) but the FlatMii 1.1 does, up to the point where i get the error after 5 - 10 minutes with some playing.

    Now i do know there's other solutions than the FlatMii chip (USB-Loader i belive it's called?) where you dont need a chip? just a homebrew channel with some programs installed etc and an external harddrive.

    Well im not interested in that just yet, cause i want to get my flatmii chip working (if i can), so please dont suggest me getting something else just yet.

    So well, my question is, do anyone have this problem too? And do you know if there's any solution to it? Maby you know some tricks i havent found yet?

    As said, every game loads fine and i can play for 5-10minutes before i get the black screen with the annoying message that an error has occured.

    Hopefully there's one or more smart guys out there that know a solution to my problem (oh and my friend does not have any problem with he's Wii with FlatMii, he's playing happily) -.-

    Thanks in advance for those whom bother reading this and try to help me out [​IMG]

    Kim Arne ~ DeathSoul
  2. ozguy

    ozguy GBAtemp Regular

    Apr 11, 2009
    United States
    Check that you do not have power save mode set for your hard drive on the PC.
    Look in your screen saver settings, it is in there (I can't remember exactly, my laptop has a different power manager).
    It will have something like "turn off hard drive after x minutes". Make sure it is disabled.
  3. DeathSoul

    DeathSoul Newbie

    Aug 16, 2009
    Thanks for the tip, but it's not that (just checked, it's disabled).

    Also im on a statonary computer (not a laptop) [​IMG]
  4. iFish

    iFish Slower than a 90s modem

    Jul 11, 2009
    Montreal, QC
    i wouls try reinstalling the 1.1 and maybe a bad iso
  5. DeathSoul

    DeathSoul Newbie

    Aug 16, 2009
    Both tried (i uninstalled the Flatmii driver from my computer) and reinstalled it + as stated ive tried around 30 games and it happens on all of em (even the same games that i have diffrent iso's of).

    I even experienced that my Wii sports (which is a original game) and uses the cd-drive got that "an error has occured, eject the disc, blablabla"

    So could it be the modding itself?
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