Fixing music files in Audacity

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    So, Final Fantasy VII has been officially released and unfortunately, the soundtrack is crap. Luckily, it can be replaced with the original PSX version, which is good, however, there is a slight issue
    if one decides to replace the soundtrack with the better version(s) out there, they must loop properly. While it's very easy to find out when/where the music loops, it's impossible to determine where one is to go from there. What am I supposed to do so they loop properly in game? Are there any free programs (freeware and not shareware) that would allow me to ensure that the game will loop them once I set the values? It's REALLY annoying having the songs fade out prematurely. ​

    Obviously I don't export the file as a looped music file since the game loops them automatically, do I manually enter them or do I somehow tell Audacity when to end the file (by entering the sample values)?
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    From my knowledge, I guess you tell Audacity when to end the file. I dunno, I'm no good at modding Q_Q