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    Sep 14, 2014
    Hi, I was hoping someone might be able to help me. I was trying to upgrade my firmware (I used to be on 9.0.1) but I've been left stuck in a situation where I can't actually access the Homebrew menu and therefore ChoiDujourNX, or even play any of my games.

    What I did is this:

    I went to https://sdsetup.com/console?switch

    and downloaded a minimal set of files with the latest version of Atmosphere, Signature Patches, Hekate and TegraRCMGUI. I also downloaded the latest firmware from elsewhere.

    I then went to my SD card and

    1. Renamed my old atmosphere and sept folders with _old (in case I need them again)

    2. Dropped the new folders into my SD card, as well as the others (overwriting files as necessary)

    3. Saved the latest firmware in a folder called “firmware”.

    I booted into RCM, and that seemed to work fine. I went to “Launch”

    -> things started to look a bit off here because the options available were not shaded green as they had been before. Nevertheless I carried on and clicked on CFW (emuMMC) which is what I had always pressed before.

    Then I got the error message

    emuMMC is forced but not enabled!
    Failed to launch HOS!

    Press any key..

    To my dismay, going back to my old atmosphere and sept folders still gave the same results – it seems that I can no longer boot onto emuMMC which I thought is what I had always done.

    I can launch into stock firmware and also into CFW (sysMMC). However, if I go in the latter, I cannot enter the Homebrew menu as normal (through Album while holding the R button). I have also tried entering Homebrew by accessing any other game and holding R after choosing the user, but that also doesn’t work – in fact all of the games give an error “Could not start software. Please try again from the HOME menu.”

    While in CFW (sysMMC) I can verify that I am running with the following system version:

    Current system version: 9.0.1/AMS 0.12.01S

    From which I infer that I have been successful at using the latest version of Atmosphere.

    My questions are:

    1. Is it possible to go back to using an emuMMC? Or maybe I don’t need to?

    2. How can I access the Homebrew menu?

    3. Once I’m in the Homebrew menu and I update to the latest firmware (using ChoiDujourNX), how do I update the patches that I downloaded? Or has that been done automatically?

    Regarding question 3, I suspect that perhaps the problem is that the patches are already installed and that is the reason why the games are not launching: the patches I’m using are inconsistent with the firmware installed. So hopefully after updating the firmware all will be well. But that’s just a guess!

    Many thanks.

    Edit: I've been able to get to emuMMC and I've documented how (in case it helps others) here:

    Now I just have to figure out how to get into the Homebrew menu!

    Edit 2: after several attempts I have managed to get things to work. In case others have the same problem, I will explain how I did it.

    I have already linked above to how I got around the first problem of using emuMMC again.
    The second question, accessing the Homebrew menu, is almost too embarrassing to write down. Basically it seems that, in the new version of Atmosphere I installed, you don't need to press R any more to access the Homebrew menu from the photo album.

    The trickier problem was the sigpatches. I first downloaded the ones from Raugo and those did not work. But the ones from Haruko did work. I don't know if it's because the Raugo ones have not yet been updated for FW 10.0.4 or maybe it's some other reason I can't fathom. But the Haruko ones work and that's what matters I suppose. For more info see this thread:

    BTW it also took me a few moments to figure out what to do with those patches so I'll just add this for complete clarity: you download the zip file and then you extract the exefs_patches and kip_patches directories, and just copy those into your atmosphere directory in your SD card.

    I hope others don't have as many problems as I did!

    Edit 3:
    Over the last week I've realised that some of my games did not work any more (but oddly, most do, only about 1 in 4 of them don't). This could just be due to a a faulty SD card: for some of them I get a black screen saying the game cannot be loaded, but for others it says that the SD card has an error and (after performing some checks on it), it says that the SD card is corrupted.

    I've noticed that if I uninstall my games and reinstall them they work fine, so that is basically my workaround.
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