Finally fixed my sc problem

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    Apr 7, 2008
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    i haven't been able to play sc on battle net for months because i lagged due to issues with my modem. however, a few weeks ago, it randomly fixed itself, and i could go on. however, about a week later, i just started lagging again.

    yesterday, my internet was disgustingly slow, so i tried to isolate the problem. i plug my laptop directly into the modem, and it was perfect. so i reset the router, and no good. then, just for the hell of it, i changed the usual dynamic ip address setting (the one i was usin for months, and the one my isp told me to put) to pppoe, and internet was perfect. just for shits, i went on battle net, and it works perfect now. my modem issue was solved by my router? o.O

    anywayz, i then realized when a few weeks ago, when my internet fixed itself, it switched itself to pppoe but after a week that didn't work, so i had to put it back to dynamic. man this is so fucked up, and that sounded pretty confusing.

    anywayz, to the point. i'm sick of this bullshit >.> is my internet changing types by itself or something?

    i guess this would just classify as a rant.