FE Fates Unit Hex editing...?

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    I'm on a quest to make Lucina marryable in Fates. I've tried working with nightmare and other support editors, all to no avail. Any pointers? I'm willing to do actual hex editing (like, not through any program like nightmare, just go straight into it with HxD) but I'm fairly new to this, so the more detailed the description the better. Any help is greatly appreciated~
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    Try to make a backup of your game, go back on your game, get married one of the characters and dump your game again... Compare the values and normally you should find.
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    If you mean save editing, it isn't actual possible to get a marryable Lucina (or other Amiibo units).
    You can get an S-support rank with an Amiibo unit.

    It's been a while since I played or hex edited my Fates save file(s).
    The easiest way is to marry off another unit. After that, just change the character-id of that unit.
    You must add the children manually (who can be any child unit you like). Just change the mother/father's id and class.
    You must remove the shield icon on the Amiibo unit.

    In my Revalation route, Azure got an S-support with Ike.
    I have manually added a Shigure with Ike as a dad and Azura as a mother.
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