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    Remember how you couldn't load FAST in Loadiine? That is because there are thousands of scatter files in the game. On top of that, certain files block it from loading that way for some reason. I spent a long time digging into FAST and found out some interesting things, which I have made into something called "Laghax." This aims to use lag to the user's advantage in, well interesting and unintended ways. Also, Laghax comes with menu2 and songs from other Shin'en games like Art of Balance and FAST Racing League in the files as a music pack.


    Why is it called laghax? Online, apparently it is so laggy that when you pass the finish line it resets the timer back to 0:00:00 while advancing to the next lap. You will be able to use this tactic in every race to win 1st as long as you are able to pass the finish line on the 3rd lap, which will be impossible in some instances because of the lag.

    NOTE that this may revert your save back to 0% sometimes, BUT you can use saviine and THIS 100% save file to put it back to complete 100% at any time. [you have been warned]

    Compile this with Cafiine. (Download Cafiine HERE.)
    DOWNLOAD Laghax

    The filesystem should be .../server/cafiine_root/Title ID/vol/...

    Title IDs to name the folders in /cafiine_root/
    for USA: 00050000-1012F000
    for EUR and Oceania: 00050000-101D6000
    for JPN: 00050000-101E4100

    (e.g. My setup for USA would be /cafiine_root/00050000-1012F000/vol/...)

    SONGS- NOTE that some songs will be sped up insanely fast, changing the nature of the song. This is a good clue to what .ogl files are.
    KEY: (AOB- Art of Balence, FRL- FAST Racing League, NAN- Nano Assult NEO, JR- Jett Rocket, FRN- FAST Racing NEO)

    Custom Song List:
    -Menu > Menu Theme 2 (FRN)
    -Credits > HERO (FRN)
    -Kenashu Jungle > World 6 (AOB)
    -Scorpio Circuit > Sunahara Plains (FRN)
    -Sunahara Plains > Scorpio Circuit (FRN)
    -Chuoko City > Menu (NAN)
    -Willard Mine > Level 4 (NAN)
    -Sendai Outpost > Challenge (AOB)
    -Storm Coast > Race 04 (FRL)
    -Kamagori City > In game 2 (JR)
    -Unlock > Unlock (FRL)
    -Track End > World Map (AOB)
    -HERO > Menu (FRL)
    -other > some FAST Racing League sound effects

    Course music names, for anyone wondering. (In respective order to the tracks)

    I don't know if this will ever be implemented, but I'm currently trying to "patch the patch" with the old track surfaces so that the glitches can be used again on vertigo.

    And about that Hibishira Plains unused track... Well, we'll have to see later :)

    Thanks, and ask any questions related to FAST in the comments.
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