ez flash 3in1 GBA Exploader issue

Discussion in 'EZ-Flash' started by srpuma0909, May 15, 2012.

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    May 15, 2012
    Good evening, i've adquired recently a flash V 3in1 and its been giving me problems with the gba exploader 0.58b, my problem is that i can't get to write a gba game to the NOR mode, altrought i can get a 8 MB game like Megaman battle network in teh NOR mode but if i try one like Sonic battle which is 16 MB it freezes at 51% Erasing NOR, i tried searching all over the forum for an answer but my luck never came, i even patched the rom with ez4client even tried GBALdr yet nothing changes it just freezes on erasing the nor.

    Would really appreciate if someone had any slight idea of whats wrong.
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    More than likely the NOR flash is damaged. Definitely return it, and ask for another EZ Flash 3in1.
    Here is a link to a thread with your same problem.

    Technical answer

    "I've done some research into the cause of this issue, and from what I can gather, its because of a single bit (or multiple bits, maybe the rest of the 24 mb of NOR) not being able to be set from a 1 to a 0.

    Unlike notmal memory, NOR memory cannot be set bit by bit from a 0 to a 1, it can only be set from a 1 to a 0.

    In order to get the bits back to the state of a 1, the entire memory block must be set to 1. So if I wanted to write the bits 1001101 to NOR, I would first have to erase it to all 1's (1111111), And then write over the 0's one bit at a time (1001101).

    The reason why the NOR can erase without getting stuck, is because it erases entire blocks at a time, so if one part of the chip is stuffed, it will just attempt to set it to 1, and move on. But if the programme tries to set it to 0, it will keep on trying until it is set, so it can move on. But if the bit refusues to be set to 0, the programme will get stuck. " Crozone