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  1. Sumea

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    Hey hey people.
    I am making rather simple thread about having error code 105-4207 when trying to access eShop on Wii U.

    Is this error related to the youtube hack DNS I am currently using to block the update servers? I am here to just confirm that I should not yet panic, since I have used available exploits on my Wii U that I have purchased content and linked my NNID to. Rest of the online services seem to be working, and the eShop worked before...

    Anyway, thanks for any answers on the matter.

    edit: Oh, I only now see there is actually a new update out. Probably lack of updating my console currently is the reason for the error I am sure.

    What is current knowledge of the update? What exploits does if block etc.?
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  2. Marko76

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    With tubehax you can't access the eshop and the latest update is 5.5.1 and has been out for ages if you are on that and you have a little red x on your download box this is normal as the wiiu periodically checks to see if a update is out but due to tubehax it can't check and you get the failed update message an the red x. So both of these are normal and you have zero to worry about.
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