Emulators with save function?

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    Sep 27, 2013
    I've been a user for a long time, but still quite noob-ish so bear with me.

    I've tried using snes9x GX to play Super Mario World, among other games. Everything works except for the ability to save and load snapshots. I just tried installing Retro Arch to try that instead, but it won't even load (freezes at the first menu). If someone could help me by either telling me how to fix Snes 9x gx / retroarch, or by recommending an alternative emulator, I'll be thankful.

    (The specific problem with Snes 9x GX is, when I select either 'Load Snapshot' or 'Save Snapshot', it gives me error messages like 'Could not open directory!' or 'Error creating file!' I'm using version 4.3.2. )