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    Hi all,
    for anyone who is slightly noobish out there, I wanted to make a tutorial of how to edit the BMG files inside a MKW SZS file, using wszst.

    You will need:
    • An original copy of your region's SZS files (use wit extract FILENAME ./MKW/ --files +*_<U/E/G/I/F/whatevertheoneforyourregionis>.szs -vv, but without <> (CHOOSE ONE!), the ones needed are at MKW/files/Scene/UI/ ignore others)
    • The BMG TXT file (extract from SZS using 'wszst BMG Race_E.szs > original-E.bmg.txt' where E is European English. U is US english, F is French, I is Italian, G is German, J is Japanese, M is US Spanish (Mexican??), Q is French (Canadian??), S is regular Spanish (EU)
    First, make a folder, and place the BMG TXT in the folder with the SZS files. Then, open the BMG txt in something like wordpad, and edit to your desire (go to http://szs.wiimm.de/doc/bmg/text to find out colour codes, etc..)

    Once the txt is edited, save as custom-X.bmg.txt, and run 'wszst -q patch MKW/files/Scene/UI/*_x.szs --ignore --patch-bmg replace=custom-X.bmg.txt' where X is the region ID. Once done, replace the files using Riivolution, or extract the full WBFS/ISO (remove --files +*_X.bmg), edit szs, paste over, then use 'wit copy ./MKW/ RMCX01.wbfs', where X is ID (P,E,J,K).
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