Dusting off the PSP 3000

Discussion in 'PSP - Games & Content' started by Luriden, Nov 18, 2009.

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    Out of boredom I decided to dust off my PSP 3000 and try out some new games. My current system information screen shows I'm running 5.03 MM3-6.

    From what I remember, I had to have ChickHEN running on it, and I couldn't reboot it. Has this been fixed at all? Is there a way for PSP 3000 users to have permanent CFW now without having to do the photo trick on every boot?

    Also, for the firmware, I'm using the 3.50 CFW Enabler, is there something more up to date that I should be using? I remember PSP 3000 hacking being pretty picky with the firmware which is why I ask first.

    Any other major developments for the PSP 3000 in the past few months? I remember reading to stay clear away from the 3000 when it first came out (after I already bought it) and now I hear it's the PSP to have.
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    Still no permanent CFW you will have to use ChickHEN still.
    There is 5.03 GEN-B now it works like a charm on my 300x model.
    It supports running games above 6.00 without patching them. [​IMG]

    More info on 5.03 GEN-B here: