DSTwo sometimes gets a booting error... is this normal?

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    I have a 3DS XL with the latest firmware. Got a DSTwo with a 16gb card inside. Have several plugins installed... Snes, GBA, Turbografx, NeoGeo, etc.

    There are some plugins like the NeoDS that don't have an exit button back to the homescreen. So I have to exit out by hitting the home button and closing it down. Then when I try to boot back into the DSTwo... I get an error message that tells me I have to shut off the 3DS. I do this and sometimes it works and boots up into the DSTwo and sometimes it doesn't. If I immediately go back and try, I get the same error message.... but if I wait a few minutes and try again, then it works fine and boots right into the DSTwo.

    Is this normal? I have tried it with 2 different DSTwo's and 2 different 3DS XL's and it still does it. Is this just a weird bug in the DSTwo firmware?
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    Its normal, it also happens to mine and mine's working flawlessly, its just a contact issue.