DSIware transfer to 3DS ?

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    Some stars from my club nintendo account have to be spend soon. and I want to get some nintendo point card (for dsi). SO my goal is to buy some dsiware with those free points (and use them on my dsi) then transfer them to my 3DS.

    but i dont know about transfers between dsi and 3DS.

    I read about dsi to 3DS transfer on the dsi tools but the part about CFW configuration transfer afraid me.
    + some stuff about erased data on 3DS.

    Since i own my 3DS since the 1st day it was launch, and i'm an ambassador, i have some DSIware already on my 3DS, some 3DSware and some others downloaded games from eshop, so I dont want to loose all my datas and settings.

    If any of you guys already did some DSI to 3DS transfer. i'd like to get some advices please.
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    the DSi will have the software removed and everything placed on the receiving 3DS

    you may loose some DSi ware saves on the DSi but all of the software will transfer
    3DS will loose nothing, it will just have the DSi stuff added to the home menu

    if you select "Custom Transfer" to select what you wish to transfer

    some DSi ware titles wont transfer tho
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    Sep 14, 2009
    thx, but, i didnt want any of these games, i already know about the wipe off datas on the dsi after transfer. i'm just worried about my datas on my 3DS after the transfer complete
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    I see i'm not the only one who's a 3DS Ambassador =) .