DS-Scene Rom Tool Dead?

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    Oct 31, 2012
    Sorry if this isn't the right place but i couldn't find anywhere else where this could go.

    So it appears that the DS-Scene Rom Tool might be officially dead, this program that automatically fetched updates for user cheats, AP patches, and even Rom info is no longer functioning properly and going over to the main website you can no longer make threads, reply to posts and some download links are also broken so i ask if anyone still has the DS-Scene Rom Tool please upload it if you have the latest AP patches installed as that feature is no longer working, instead it returns a 404 error when attempting to install the update and there's no telling how long until other things stop working as well. the website seems to have been inactive for a few years now so i fear the worst and it'll be hard to search for AP patches on many roms which will make people resort to downloading pre-patched roms instead but even then some of those might become difficult to find.