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    Jan 25, 2010
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    Hi All,

    I’m new here, 1st I want to thank the gbatemp.net maker(s) for this great site, as well all contributors for their hacking guides and codes! [​IMG]
    make long story short, i’m new to the nds hacking thing but have some experience with asm code on different platforms (mostly z80 based µc's and good old c64). I’m not really good at hacking it self but I can read code and sometimes adapt it for my needs [​IMG].

    I have a request / question to all you out there who ever wants to help or just for exercise their own skills [​IMG]

    I own the nds game Dragon Quest IV The Chapters of the Chosen (EUR) and for cheating purpose an ARDS (Firmware v1.60)
    Now I found some use full codes but mostly for the Japanese version [​IMG], I converted the most for the EUR version (no$gba, eumhack, ramdumps and lot of guessing (try and error) not really professional but it works). Mostly I learned form this forum how to use this programms, and how to do some low hacking stuff.

    I’m more interested in comfort at gaming than in fast gain of exp, gold and so on.

    If some one is interested in I converted the codes for:
    - quick save anytime / anywhere (nice feature)

    - Maximum Stats at Level Up (wanted that really hard)

    - Always win at the monster arena in the casino (casino games are really annoying)
    + I enhanced the source code to be sure it will only be executed at the monster arena,
    other wise you get always the monster arena winning routine in a regular monster fight.
    (I check if the value for set casino coins is not 0 -> it its 0 don’t execute the code)

    - Always win at casino slot machine if 5 coins are inserted (I don’t use it, but was fun to find out how it works)

    - Game time is always 000:000 (just for fun / code practicing)

    If some one is interested in this codes (should work for US and EUR versions), write a reply and ill post them.

    My Problem with quick save in DQIV: after the quick save is done, the game forces you to shut down the NDS. [​IMG]

    My request: can some one tell how to identify the pointers / routines in that game so I can write me myself a code to avoid the forced shutdown routine, to continue the game.

    My idea was to find the regular save game routine (done by the priest in a church), and identify the "do you want to go on or not" sequence,
    a question asked by the priest after the game was successfully saved to a save game slot, if you answer yes, you can go on, if no the game stops like after quick save.

    I thought I can move the pointer after the quick save is done to that "want to go on" part in the game.

    I don’t know if that kind of hack is even possible or how hard it is to manage, but I guess it’s not an easy hack at all [​IMG]

    Sorry for my bad English but its not my native so I hope I could make my self understandable. [​IMG]

    Thanks to all who read this, and whom ever answering as well. [​IMG]

    Greetings Spawnkiller
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