doubt - The header info is false?

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    I mean, in the case I have only extracted one of the header of my games (i.e. luigis mansion), when I inject it in a game for playing online, the new info of the card is like if it was a luigis mansion card, which it's not true since maybe the online game I want to play is made for other manufacturer, or has other other size or Card Type.

    So what happens if Nintendo see that I am playing a monster hunter's with a 128mb card for example? Or if my manufacturer is different from what is supposed to be?
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    Nothing will happen because Nintendo is incompetent and doesn't have a framework that would allow console bans (yet) only per-application bans, and even those are rare.
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    Nintendo hasn't done anything so far. The only ban I've heard of is an eShop ban for credit card fraud. I wouldn't worry about it.

    EDIT: Besides, just make sure you have the right info for the header. The ROM won't allow you to play online if you have the wrong manufacturer. And with the rest, there's no guessing. The info is displayed right in front of you. Rather than just injecting a header from another game, take the 2 minutes to edit the proper info.