doodlebomb note on 11.4?

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    May 8, 2017
    hey guys i bought a 2nd hand 3ds to put homebrew on there i did so and then updated not knowing that it would brick my system so now my animal crossing new leaf 3ds is on 11.4 and i cant put homebrew on there but i saw a youtube video saying you can recieve a doodlebomb letter from your region which mine is uk or europe and have homebrew that way? now i dont want to brick my 3ds since its the animal crossing one i was a bit upset that my 2nd one bricked but it is what it is how do i go about protecting my 3ds from a brick in the future? what steps do i need to take? im totally new to the 3ds homebrew scene and is it possible someone can send me a doodlebomb letter so i can homebrew my 3ds? :)
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    The sending of Doodlebombs was patched with an update to Swapdoodle.
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    This is why we install Custom Firmware.
    I believe Doodlebomb was patched with the latest Swapdoodle update. So, no.
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