Disgaea, question. Longinus Spear

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    Nov 20, 2014
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    hey guys i recently started to play this game, i really like it so far and i have couple questions hope u can answer..

    1- Im fairly new to the game and it im at the part that a girl from celestial is trying to assassinate me, but before she came to the castle where i first met her I found that spear that talks called Longinus and idk why it said for me to use it, and i presses yes and now i have an overpowered weapon on my Etna, i don't think this is suposed to happen? since im only lvl 8 lol,and on the wiki says i need to have lv 25+ or something.. Is it a bug? maybe i should stop using it because things get too easy because i do 11.000 dmg with it..

    2- How can i see my class? the main guy uses a sword is that the best weapon for him? is there a way to change classes?