1. arcticgaming

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    Sep 11, 2013
    Hello I have a rather odd question where I did not find any answer too.

    I just bought a secondhand wii in very good condition.
    When I came home I softmodded the wii and searched how to play gamecube backups.
    I found with some searching "DIOSMIOS" now I installed DIOSMIOS perfectly.
    I can run my backed up gamecube games off the USB DRIVE.
    But now my cd drive doesn't boot my original gamecube games unless the USB DRIVE is connected.
    Is there a way to boot the disks without the use of an USB drive?

    Removing DIOSMIOS doesn't work either if DIOSMIOS is completly removed the original gamecube disk won't boot either.

    The system knows it's a gamecube disk but whenever I boot the game the screens stays black
    Unless I install DIOSMIOS again and instert the USB drive.
    Any way to fix this ?

    If not it's not a big deal since it works but not like it's supposed to be :)
  2. Cyan

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    Oct 27, 2002
    You need a connected USB drive to play gamecube games with DIOS MIOS (being backup or retail disc), as DIOS MIOS starts by mounting the drive before launching the game.

    If you don't want to plug the drive, you need to go back to the official MIOS.
    unlike IOS which can be installed in 255 differents slot, MIOS have only one slot. When you install a new system file, it replace the previous one, so when you installed "DIOS" MIOS, it replaced the official "MIOS".
    If you deleted DIOS MIOS, you ends with no more MIOS installed on your console.

    instead of deleting a system file, just reinstall another version and it will overwrite the one you currently have.

    MIOS v10 : official from nintendo
    cMIOS : from Wiigator, lets you play burn Disc backups
    DIOS MIOS : play backups from USB, or from retail disc (requires usb connected)
    DIOS MIOS Lite : play backups from SD, or from retail disc (requires SD inserted)

    Another solution is to Dump you disc to ISO, and play from the backup instead of the disc, unless your game is not working in backup format (audio streaming).
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