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    Oct 1, 2011
    Hi guys, it has been a while since I've been in the Wii hacking scene so I don't know much right now.

    I have my HDD partitioned to NTFS and FAT32. Both are set to primary and active. I put my wii games in the NTFS and I put my GC games in the FAT32. All my Wii games work

    So I converted the Super Mario Sunshine using DMToolBox. I put the iso in the "games" folder.

    Know I installed the DIOS MIOS 2.9 WAD. It successfully installed. I go to DIOS MIOS Booter rev30. Set NMM and No Disc to on. I go then to SMS. After pressing A it just shows a Black screen.

    I tried to go to WiiFlow. I have the latest version also. The game doesn't show up. My Wii games show up. I go to the other Partition. It just says Select Partition or Install Game.

    I'm getting really frustrated now. The last Gamecube game that I played was the LoZ Wind Waker and I played it using DIOS MIOS Booter using a SD Card and it worked flawlessly.

    Do you think my HDD isn't compatible? My HDD came from a Laptop

    Please help

    After doing some experiments, I found out that my HDD isn't compatible with DIOS MIOS even though my HDD can load Wii games. Good thing I have my 32GB USB to load Gamecube Games through DIOS MIOS
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