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    Dec 25, 2013
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    Hello, So I have an older Wii that can play GC Games. I have a few Backups of games i Legally Own and i have USB LOADER GX. I read that it can somehow play GC Games, and that i need the game id for the iso. So i found sunshine's Game ID (GMSE01), and renamed my iso gmse01.iso and put it in the wbfs folder along with my wii backups. It did not load in the channels. So i Read that i need something called DIOS MIOS installed. I have a NTFS 1 TB HDD, which i read cannot be used. I Have a 4 GB Flash Drive, so if I put my games on there and install the dios mios wad, and make the drive FAT 32 with 32 kb clusters, how can i use it to play GC games?

    Also, will installing dios mios disable using a real GC Disk to play a game.

    also i heard it replaces cmios, what is that?
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    (You might want to post in either the DM or GX threads and read up how on the first post in each thread for more thorough info.)

    If you rip a game via GX, it automatically puts the gameID on there.

    If you install DM (which replaces your MIOS), you will still be able to play real discs but, after ripping games to the HDD, I've almost never done so since.
  3. stephaniie

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    You almost did it.

    but it needs also to be primary, active and first
    Info how to do : https://sites.google.com/site/completesg/prepare-sd-usb
    You probably also needs these wads installed in following order RVL-mios-v10.wad, DIOSMIOS_v2.10.wad, RVL-BC-v6.wad

    Info how to get mios-v10 and rvl-bc:

    (create WAD-files RVL-BC-v6 and RVL-mios-v10.wad)
    A. download DML WAD Creator
    B. Unzip all files in 31915-DML_create_wad_v0.9.zip into C:\wii\createwad\
    C. download iosmodule.elf from http://code.google.com/p/dios-mios-lite-source-project/downloads/detail?name=iosmodule.elf
    D. Rename iosmodule.elf into DML.elf and put into 'C:\wii\createwad\'
    E. Open DML\create_wad.bat and type 'BC' wait then press enter to exit
    F. Re-open DML\create_wad.bat and type 'DML' , then 'error' wait then press enter to exit
    G. Only put the two files 'RVL-BC-v6.wad' and 'RVL-mios-v10' into sd:\wad\diosmios\

    and if your using an older version of DM ,

    A. Download DIOS MIOS 2.10 real NAND with DMToolbox (May 24) from http://code.google.com/p/diosmios/wiki/Downloads?tm=2
    B. Open rar-file. Put 'DM' Folder to C:\wii\DM\.
    C. Inside folder c:\wii\DM\' find file 'DIOSMIOS_2.10.wad' and put that file into sd:\wad\diosmios\

    Get back how it goes :)
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    Also . Giggles .

    Do this before , check if your gamecube games on USB works on cfg USB Loader Mod or WiiFlow . usb loader gx ONLY supports gamecube games from SD .. using diosmios LITE

    How to get wiiflow and cfg usb loader
    Download and install ModMii v6.2.3 @ http://modmii.zzl.org/home.html - Press English Flag . Install ModMii into C:\wii\ModMii\

    Open modmii.exe , ... , type '2' , then 'flow' , then 'cfg' , then 'd' , then 'y', then 'e' to exit modmii
    insert sd-card into computer, copy everything in c:\wii\modwii\copy_to_sd\ to your sd:\ (doh?) :)

    plug sd-card and usb with GC-ga.. games into wii, start wii, open homebrew channel , load either cfg or wiiflow,

    (in wiiflow u might have to change some settings, dont remember which )

    Also your ways of backup gamecube games isn't good. do as dddd says, rip with usb loader gx
  5. tswntk

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    Aug 6, 2012

    wrong. been using DM and usbloadergx with a hdd for ages.
    Hdd compatibility may be different with different loaders/DM and cios though
  6. Cyan

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    it supports USB and DIOS MIOS since r1191
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