Dark Souls 2 DLC Pack Coming Soon

Discussion in 'General Gaming Discussion' started by Tom Bombadildo, Jun 4, 2014.

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    I forgot

    Dark Souls 2, From Software's latest addition to the Souls series, is going to be receiving 3 DLC packs in the future. The first, Crown of the Sunken King, will be arriving on July 22nd. Each DLC will cost $10, or $25 for a "Season pass" for all 3. Each DLC pack will include 100% new areas, enemies, and items.

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    I think the Souls series is best IP to come from lastgen. I have platinumed both Demons and Dark Souls so was excited to play DaSII however I feel it is the worst entry in the series and it's missing something that I can't really explain. It's as if you can feel the game world came from FROM's B-team. I had no idea when I had finished it that the key staff from DeS and DaS never worked on it because they were working on Project Beast, but when I found out it clicked and made sense as to why I didn't enjoy DaSII even half as much as the previous 2 games.
    Because of this I only finished it once and never went back. It had some nice areas and some good new additions but nothing enough to make me want to come back again and try this DLC. I also have a feeling a 'complete' edition may be announced for PS4/Xbone at E3.
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    The original director, who pretty much created both demon and dark souls and specifically wanted the games to have that feel of mystery reminiscent of himself at a young age trying to understand english fantasy novels when he didn't know the language that well, so he resorted to imagination.
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    Dark Souls 2 is a strange game... being handled by another team instead of the main Souls guys, it feels more like King's Field V than another Souls game, both in level design and meaningfulness. Next to that, it feels like the American Dark Souls game, with a lot of attention given to how Western players played the game (many covenants purely for fighting) and in general lore.

    There's a definite lacking I've intuited throughout my playthrough. I'm super interested in the Project Beast rumour.
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