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    cycloDS evolution is a homebrew game cartridge/rom emulator that allowed you to download and play .nds files. my dad purchased a copy around 2006 and still uses it frequently.

    this discussion is free for anyone who used these, but my main questions are:

    - is it possible to purchase another one of these cartridges today for a reasonable price?

    - is there a 3DS alternative - i.e, something that basically acts as a port for 3ds ROMS? are .nds files compatible with a 3DS?

    - can a more recent sandisk microSD card with more storage be used for cycloDS in exchange for the kingston microSD that came with it in 2006?

    pics related -- the first one is the original cycloDS cartridge, and the second is the microSD card that came with the cart. :nds:
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    I've found a few looking up, but they are mostly from dodgy looking sites. The team behind this cart vanished years ago after a short production of the iEvo.
    There is the Sky3DS+ for the 3DS, but it's no where near as cool as DS flashcarts. It's simple a cart that only plays 3DS ROMs, no other features. There is also the alternative, You can install a CFW on the 3DS (depending on your OFW version, will depend on the effort required to do so,) and from there install games directly onto your 3DS to them.
    As long as it can be formatted to FAT32, it should work on the cart, but I don't have one to test with my current Sandisk. I am however running a 32GB Class 10 Sandisk in my R4i Gold, without any hassle.