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Sep 7, 2007
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wilsoff said:
Warren_303 said:
I'm confused about the method you used, It seemed to me that in order for the forwarder to work one must use the elf_dol_forwarder.dol in the channel you make and then upon launching the channel it finds the actual dol from the SD by using the config file. That's what SpaceJump mentioned in the first post under the first Spoiler inside deal.
Ah, ok, sorry about the confusion.

To use the forwarder, you need install the unmodified "Forwarder Generic v021 with white Banner.wad". Do not inject anything into this wad.

This will create a channel on your wii with a generic banner.

When you load this channel it looks at the config file and loads the specified dol. No need to edit the dol you want to lauch, and no need to edit the wad. The only thing you need to edit is the config.

However, this forwarder doesn't work for me for WiiDoom.


So I tried another method...

I used wadder 1.0 to create a wad from the wiidoom .dol file.

This method has nothing to do with the forwarder so we should probably think about starting a new topic to discuss this -> http://gbatemp.net/index.php?showtopic=127101

Ok well I guess that make sense, since I have not installed that "Forwarder Generic v021 with white Banner.wad."

Kinda noobish on my part, I will install it and try again.

I will upload some images and sounds I have for another version of the channel now that we have a dedicated thread for Wii Doom.


Edit: Well the dol forwarder doesn't work with WiiDoom for me or you so I guess it won't work until there is a newer version of WiiDoom or elf_dol_forwarder.


Double Edit: I managed to get it working and I posted my work on the previous thread Elf_Dol_Forwarder

Any moderator can remove this thread, case closed hehe.
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