Convert Sensor Bar to USB

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    I am about to attempt swapping out the proprietary connector on a sensor bar for a USB. Problem is, I only have sensor bars with 10 LEDs, and none of the 6 LED ones. I was wondering if it would be possible to connect a USB cable to the sensor bar that splits at the end and connects to 2 USB ports ( exactly like this one) since 1 USB port wouldn't be enough voltage to power it. Would 2 USB ports be too much voltage and burn out the LEDs, or would it still just not work, or should it be fine?
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    Years ago, i used a nyko wireless sensor bar that ate batteries like candy (4 AA), and just wired a single usb cable to it. I wanted to use it for Dolphin emu. i burnt a hole in the side and pushed the cable through, tied it in a knot and then all i had to do is strip the usb cable, solder the red wire to the positive terminal, black to negative. The 5v a usb port provides is plenty of power to make it work. I did the same thing to my wii balance board, both work flawlessly.
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    Those cables increase (maximum) current not voltage, you know

    Even if you could connect 2 USB ports in series (which would result in a short if they come from the same power brick) 10 V would still give you a shorter range than the correct 12...