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    Hello to all and BIG THANKS in advance...

    Though I have received some aide here, I need MORE! I think I'm going to go with the device called 'CycloDS', but i need to know just WHAT to buy to put games on my DS. I'm expecting a 'DS Lite' in the mail if that helps. (Should have been here today...rrrr...and tomorrow is Sunday..damn....i'm impatient! [​IMG] )

    I know that the Cyclo is not the ONLY piece(s) I need to buy, someone, PLEASE help me here, and although I'm 36 years old, please explain it to me as you would a child. I have the specs of the computer i just bought, if that helps. (I'll edit in a minute, the paperwork is in my wife's purse and she's at work for a bit more..)

    (Still wondering WHY people still plunk down cash for DS/GB/any games when such devices are available, but anyhow...)

    THANKS!! [​IMG]


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    You'll also need a MicroSD card and a MicroSD card reader. IIRC, the Cyclo comes with the reader but I could be wrong.
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