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    "I can consider putting something similar to this together if there is enough interest. My issue is that I am on PPC mac which the compiler for the wii is not supported atm. I have a windows machine but the machine is not connected to the internet which is needed to install the software. I can look into writing the base code for this at least. A compiler is a major part of bug fixing it so it will even run as you know I will forget a semi-colon ;)"

    i dont know where to begin, so il just cut to the point:
    i NEED to have a FOF equivalent on my wii!
    i cannot get rawksd to work, and even if so, there would be limits to the setlist due to there only being 255 songs per "generation". currently ive settled for guitarsonfire, which is a comparable homebrew to the ORIGINAL FOF, but it lacks starpower(overdrive) phrases/solo sections/usb loading/HOPO thresholds...the list goes on. it makes completeing most songs...more than difficult. that is the main reason for this project. i have programming "expierience"...ive used VBasic, QBasic, love to at least ATTEMPT to make this a reality!

    i have 2 laptops, 1 with winxp/linux mint, the other with just linux mint. what eviroment would i have to set up to begin? i need basic info on SDKs or how to compile my first try at creating this homebrew. theres are supposedly sources for guitars on fire, but i cannot located them which is the 1st hurdle, im supposing we could use guitar fun as a base skeleton, which should be more than enough to get going. i also have the FOFiX source from the google code page...the next step is just to simply BEGIN.

    my initial idea is this:
    using the "FOF" game engine for play. the FOFiX fork has the most features that would be required to "authenticaly" recreate the guitar game expierience.
    using the GUI song selection from another open homebrew rhythm game "stepmania". it is extensively customize/themeable and it has the most user friendly interface i feel....
    also incorporating the stage/characters animations already in place with "stepmania". this would let us have a variety of stages that are customizeable/support basic animations/and have characters. the stepmania engine is what i feel very "graphically UNintensive" so im hoping it wont put too muc strain on the wii. if this proves to be false, we could also replace this idea with LUA based stages aready inplemented in guitarsonfire, provided the source is available.

    behaving as stepmaina, playing as frets on fire, compatable with our beloved lil console-
    my dream is to create this homebrew "Chord_Changer" taken from my imagination to reality!

    this is the source code to guitarsnfire,0,0,0,46,454

    my email address is
    PMs are welcomed as well
    please, lets work together or any advice/tips you have would be GREATLY appreciated!
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    Man this idea sounds great, I have no programming experience unfortunately so I won't be able to help you much, but I'm surprised no one has even had the time to respond to this ambitious project. I hope you continue to work on it even if it's bit by bit. Also did you get any of the info you need? Maybe going around a couple of IRC channels might get you a better response.