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    Jan 3, 2017
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    Alright, I really like super smash Bros. Melee. So much that I have 5 different ISO's on my hard drive. In Wiiflow it is bothersome to try and tell them apart, and they look the same in nintendont too. The different versions are as follows:

    Melee v1.00 (has extra glitches)
    Melee v1.02 (most tournaments use this)
    20XX v3.02 (great for training)
    20XX v4.05 (newer but loses some features)
    Silly Melee (just for fun)

    I can obtain/make covers for these on my own, but because they all have the internal name GALE01 they all get the same cover in Wiiflow and are indistinguishable in nintendont. My gc ISO tool allows changing of banner and synopsis, but not the internal name. Is there a program that lets me change it? Also, would the change force it to save from a different memory card slot?

    Thanks for any help.

    EDIT: if this is in the wrong area, feel free to move it. I figured this would be the best place.
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