Card Reader, MicroSDHC Memory Data, Backup and Recovery

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    Sep 26, 2008
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    If you have read this thread, you will know all my data were killed by a simple copy-and-paste process:

    2 weird files occurred while file transfer. Then my memory card becomes unreadable (computer says it is unformatted [​IMG] ).
    I'm not sure how to re-access the memory card, apart from re-formatting my MicroSDHC (this would mean all data will be lost for good [​IMG]).

    1. Do you encounter such kinds of problems too?

    2. Is it true the card reader is the main culprit of this memory card lockup?
    It appears the free card reader coming from most flash carts are of low quality.
    What brand of MicroSDHC card reader should I buy?

    3. Is it possible to recover the data?
    Is there any tool which I can try to recover my data?

    4. Is there any easy way to backup the memory data, preferably automatically or with a click?

    Thanks a lot.